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Training Policies: Please Read Carefully

An interview with one of the program trainers may be required for admittance into teacher training program.

If you have any medical conditions or injuries, Heart Center Therapy may require a reference from another yoga instructor, non-family member, or a doctor if circumstances call fro a doctors permission to attend training.

Arrive 15min. prior to start time of each training day. Regular tardiness may result in insufficient hours for training completion.

Be respectful and non-judgmental to yourself and others.

Refrain from drug and alcohol usage during the duration of training.

We require a commitment to attend all total weekends of the training.

One missed class day is allowed, but must be made up before the end of the training. Make up policy will be explained at the beginning of training.

Please try not to miss any days. We charge $35 per-hr for individual make up sessions that are held outside of the fixed training hours.

This training is  a commitment to improve your overall health, diet, and lifestyle. We recommend being mindful of your nutritional diet and sleep habits.

Enjoy and Have fun!!!

Payment Policies:

Training cost/tuition – $2,300 (for group training), $2500( for private training)

Deposit required for reservation – $500

Deposit must be paid in full by [Oct 16th, 2015]

Remaining payment after deposit due no later than first day of training.

Cancellations made 30 days or less from yoga teacher training start date forfeit 50% of deposit and are subject to forfeit of deposit in full.

Payment Methods:

You can pay by credit/debit card on the 200hr Ytt certificaiton info page.

Make checks payable to Heart Center Therapy LLC

Heart Center Therapy Yoga Teacher Training requires a minimum of 4 participants. Should less than 4 participants be registered 15 days before the first weekend of training, then the program may be postponed to future dates at which point your payment may go towards the future training or a full refund of payment will be issued. Any refund requested after the start of training will be to the discretion of the trainers.

Agreement, waiver, and consent:

1. I have read all of the above application and policies for Heart Center Therapy’s Yoga Teacher Training and agree to comply with all of the above.

2. I hereby declare the information in the application to be true and complete. I understand that providing false information is grounds for rejection of this application, expulsion from the program or revocation of the certification.

3. I understand that during my yoga teacher training it may be necessary for the instructor to touch various areas of my body. I hereby give permission for such appropriate touching. I understand the training may involve intense physical activity and may want to consult a physician before partaking in the teacher training. I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of injury during the yoga teacher training and expressly forever release the instructors, Heart Center Therapy and all associates from all such claims, demands and damages.