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Healing Terms & Definitions

In Chinese medicine there are 12 meridians or channels that line up along the body. Each meridian corresponds to an internal organ and an external muscle system. Acupuncture uses very small needles to insert into the necessary points along the body in order to open the chi (life force) and create health.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy
A form of hypnotherapy focused on working with the inner parts of self (ex., the inner child, the perfectionist, the
worrier, etc.) to bring awareness, healing, and balance to the client on a subconscious level. Once the subconscious
has integrated these changes, the conscious behaviors and beliefs of the client shift into a more peaceful state.

Ashtanga Yoga
A traditional active Yoga practice, developed by Pattabhi Jois, that involves a “sequence” or “series” of poses. Vinyasa flow movements are used in between yoga poses to transition from one pose to the next.

Ayurvedic Medicine
An ancient form of healing from India based around the understanding that there are three basic body/emotional/ mental types called Doshas. Each Dosha needs different ways of being to remain healthy and vital. Doctors of this healing art use a mixture of herbs, exercise, diet and life-style to bring the three Doshas into balance.

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy can help to reduce headache, migraine, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, as well as any stress held in the body.

Cupping Therapy
This is a traditional Chinese form of healing that uses small to medium glass cups that gently suction onto the skin and tissue of any place of pain on the body in order to draw out toxins and increase circulation to the area.

Energetic Massage Therapy
A blend of massage therapy and gentle, loving energy healing which leaves one feeling free, calm and energized. These sessions combine a unique blend of massage therapy, Asian accupressure massage, reiki healing, pranic healing, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy techniques. All sessions are designed for the individual needs of the client and utilize the types of massage and energy healing from the list above that will best serve the client at that time.

Hatha (yoga)
A Sankrit term that generally denotes a system of physical techniques supplementary to a broad conception of yoga.

In most aspects means “to stop thinking.” It is quieting the mind in order to connect mind, body and soul.

The burning of the healing moxi herb over an area of pain or discomfort. The herb never touches the skin, but hovers over the area heating it in order to increase circulation and health.

Pranic Healing
Prana translates into “life force”. These energetic healings are focused on clearing or sweeping away any physical or emotional energy affecting the prana life force of the client. The healer does not touch the client in these sessions, but uses a sweeping motion with the hands to wipe off or cut away any energy surrounding the physical or emotional body of the client so that health may be obtained.

Qigong  (“Chi Kung” or “Ki Gong”)
Qi Gong consists of natural movements and exercises that circulates, accumulates, and cultivates ones energy. The focus is on breath, energy and movement. It promotes longevity and opens up joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Reiki Healing
A form of energy healing in which the healer has been initiated through a series of attumentments  to pass healing unltraviolet heat and/or cool through the hands.  This heat/cool brings the mind, body and emotions of the client back to a balanced state of being by helping to relieve both physical pain, and emotional/mental stress.

Reiki Attunements
A form of energetic healing initiation ceremony divided into three sections called attunements. In a first attunement, the healer is initiated into becoming a channel for universal unconditional love energy. At this point the healer may lay hands on others in order to heal physical pain. In the second attunement, the healer connects deeper to themselves and their own nature, and is then able to heal self and others on an emotional and mental level. In the third attunement, the healer connects to the since of interconnectedness of all things and is then able to give distance healings to those not physically present.

Is an ancient healing art and science in which the body is represented as a mini-map in the feet, hands, and ears. A compression massage is applied to specific reflex areas to bring the body into balance; to increase the blood supply and flow; to reduce stress; and to enable the body to naturally release toxins.

A form of healing martial arts that includes slow moving forms and sets. It is designed to promote health, wellness, balance, and focus.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
The use of ancient Chinese herbs, teas, acupuncture, acupressure, all formatted to meet the individual needs of the client. This ancient system of healing works to balance the yin (female, water, gentle) cycles with the yang (male, fire, active) cycles of the body.

Vinyasa (yoga)
Vinyasa is a sanskrit term (and a style of yoga) that is typically used to mean “flow” or to flow from one movement to another while connecting the breathe.

Yoga means union or one of mind, body, and soul. It is a series of poses or postures that help to quiet the mind, stretch and relax the body, and invigorate the spirit.