Welcome to Heart Center Therapy

Please don't hesitate to inquire with us if you have any questions.

Contact Info

Phone: (404) 357 0424
Phone: (404) 641 6523

Currently offering private sessions only


Contact us about our Saturday morning Power Yoga Vinyasa classes held in Alpharetta.
Also ask about private sessions.


Some things to prep before attending class:

*We try our best to keep the schedule on website updated and current but it may be advisable to call, email or text ahead to confirm, it can change periodically.
*Space is limited, so please bring minimal items.
*We have extra mats, blocks, blankets & straps available, but you are welcome to bring your own.
*Be sure to wear loose and light clothing and its also advisable not to eat anything heavy before classes.
*We have bottled water but your welcome to bring your own.
* A small towel may be useful for yoga practice.