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Healing Bodywork

Asian acupressure works to balance the meridian channels of the body creating a clean flow of circulation through the muscles, tendons, joints, and organs.  Craniosacral therapy utilizes very gentle touch to calm the nervous system and relax the entire body and mind. Please contact Sheri for more info and to set up appointments. Reiki ultraviolet healing works to calm the mind while restoring the body on a cellular level.

Reiki Healing

A form of energy healing in which the healer has been initiated through a series of attunements  to pass healing ultraviolet heat and/or cool through the hands.  This heat/cool brings the mind, body and emotions of the client back to a balanced state of being by helping to relieve both physical pain, and emotional/mental stress.

Reiki Attunements

A form of energetic healing initiation ceremony divided into three sections called attunements. In a first attunement, the healer is initiated into becoming a channel for universal unconditional love energy. At this point the healer may lay hands on others in order to heal physical pain. In the second attunement, the healer connects deeper to themselves and their own nature, and is then able to heal self and others on an emotional and mental level. In the third attunement, the healer connects to the since of interconnectedness of all things and is then able to give distance healings to those not physically present. Contact Sheri for private Attunement session’s and/or classes.


Craniosacral Therapy can help to reduce headache, migraine, chronic fatigue, TMJD, depression, anxiety, as well as general stress held in the body.  When physical injury or emotional stress occurs, the bones of the head become compressed and the tissues of the body become rigid and inflexible.  Because of this, oxygen and spinal fluid are blocked from entering the brain.  Optimal health and wellness relies on the free flow of air and spinal fluid from the brain to body and body to brain.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage involves assisted yogic-like stretching and deep massage on a floor mat. This modality originated in Thailiand and integrates principles of Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine/Philosophy, and Massage. It can be applied for deep relaxation or muscle tension release. Thai massage is suitable for all ages and body types, but also can be ideal for athletes.

Be sure to wear loose or light clothing and try not to eat anything heavy about an hour before your session. For more info contact Essud at 404 641 6523, efungcap@heartcentertherapy.com.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling with Sheri gifts the client with a safe, supportive, and loving space to share their story, confront their fears, and overcome destructive habits.  Having overcome her own eating disorder and depression years ago, Sheri can relate to the challenges of accepting change and embracing the authenticity of our true selves.  Through interactive dialogue, patient listening, and thought provoking questions, Sheri gently counsels her clients out of fear and resistance and into unconditional love and peace.


In these sessions, held in Milton GA, Sheri partners with specially selected horses to support unique healing from physical and/or emotional pain and stress. Because of their sensitive nature horses are a wonderful mirror for observing the challenges of the client. Exercises with the horses, outdoor meditation, reiki, and spiritual counseling allow a path for overcoming those challenges. Sheri offers private and small group sessions. Sheri also offers sessions and workshops with licensed PHD therapist Dr. Tricia Wilmoth.